The registered name is Canadian Association of Personal Property Appraisers and its operating name is Canadian Professional Appraisers (CPA). The association is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1989 and granted a Federal Charter by the Canadian Department of Consumers & Corporate Affairs.

The association accredits appraisers who conform to the following criteria:

  1. They are properly equipped to provide the public with valuations of personal property, as a result of their experience, training and qualifications.
  2. They subscribe to a code of ethics that assures the public of their integrity and honesty.

The significant difference of CAPPA from American societies and professional appraisers' organizations is that it is a Canadian Association incorporated under the laws of Canada and concerned with the function of appraisal services under those laws.

Associates: Qualified individuals who have at least 3 years experience in their field.

Members: Qualified individuals who have at least 5 years experience in their field.

Accredited Members (A.A.): Members who have at least 8 years experience in their field and have passed a written and/or oral examination.

An arrangement exists which provides that members may consult the expertise of others in those cases where general knowledge is not enough. Members are also kept up to date with those matters which concern them professionally by means of an internal newsletter.

We welcome new members and would like to hear from you if you are considering joining CAPPA.

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